Exploring the Most Beautiful Beach at Whitsundays in Australia

A beach is just a beach isn’t it! Well, I thought that until I visited the beautiful Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Islands just off the East Coast of Australia.

A 7km stretch of the whitest sand I’ve ever seen. Against the turquoise waters, it really is a postcard perfect setting. You can get to the island by sea or air. I opted for a boat trip, the cheaper option as well!

Just arriving at the beach you get a real sense of its beauty. But it wasn’t until my bare feet touched the silky sand I had the real “wow moment”. The white silica sand that is among the purest in the world, you need to try it for yourself!

A few meters up the beach and you have a luscious green tropical bush. Great for exploring and there’s a great lookout point if you take the path to the top. Watch out for the sleeping monitor lizards. You can’t miss them as they are over a meter long. But they will soon get out of your way when they hear you coming!

The fact that this beach is on an island means that experience isn’t shared with hundreds of other people. And sometimes that’s what makes somewhere so beautiful.